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River Rock Academy

Statement on Bullying Prevention

No one should suffer in silence, but have the courage to speak out, to put an end to his/her own suffering and that of other potential targets.

For the protection of the students and staff, River Rock Academy has created and maintained a learning atmosphere which is respectful and supportive. Providing a safe school environment where all students and staff are treated with respect and dignity, and are free from bullying, intimidation and harassment is one of our highest priorities. This freedom is fundamental to our program and is extended to everyone without exception. This policy is not intended to prohibit expression of religious, philosophical, or political views, provided that the expression does not substantially disrupt the education environment.  We expect our students to refrain from becoming involved in any kind of bullying and report to a staff member any witnessed or suspected instance of bullying to help prevent further instances.

Our school setting provides an opportunity to teach students that cooperation and respect of others are key values at River Rock Academy. Our school setting includes:

              -the school building and school grounds

              -school vehicles

              -any activity sponsored, supervised or sanctioned by the school

-any virtual environment which would reach a student or students inside the school and interfere with the student(s)’ education and learning


For the purpose of our school policy, bullying is defined as a hostile activity which harms or induces fear through the threat of further aggression and/or creates terror. Bullying may be premeditated or a sudden activity. It may be subtle or easy to identify, done by one person or a group. Bullying includes but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Power imbalance - occurs when a bully uses his/her physical or social power over a victim, such as offensive notes or graffiti, demeaning social media posts, texts, pictures, or emails (cyber bullying), teasing, spreading rumors, name calling
  • Intent to harm - the bully seeks to inflict physical or emotional harm and/or takes pleasure in this activity, such as stealing, hiding or damaging another student’s property, physical violence such as hitting, pushing or spitting at another student, exclusion that is severe or persistent and interferes with a student’s education and creates a threatening environment
  • Threat of further aggression - the bully and the victim believe the bullying will continue.
  • Terror - when any bullying increases, it becomes a "systematic violence or harassment used to intimidate and maintain dominance."

(Barbara Coloroso, The Bully, The Bullied & The Bystander, 2003)

Bullying is a violation of our company norms and will not be tolerated.  River Rock Academy condemns all forms of bullying. No one should be fearful of being bullied or harassed. The actions of any one person or group of individuals which threaten the health and safety of students and/or staff must be addressed promptly. Early intervention, reinforcement of a consistent message and follow-through from students, parents, staff and administration can ensure that everyone’s right to learn and work in a safe environment is respected.

Information on the full River Rock Academy, Incorporated Bullying Prevention Policy can be provided upon request.

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